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As a traveller visiting Mallorca for the first time, you might assume that the majority of people think of Mallorca as a destination for enjoying long, sunny days by the pool or on one of the vast number of different beaches, followed by late nights eating and drinking. They may even indulge in some partying in renowned but less salubrious areas of the island. And the scent of sunscreen will follow you wherever you go and whatever you do.

This may seem very stereotyped, but to a certain degree it is not far from the truth. Tourists flock to the island because of the consistently hot, sunny weather, the beautiful coves and beaches as well as the vast array of culinary offerings.

However, there is a change in the air. Intrepid groups of likeminded globetrotters know this kind of holiday is not enough to make the most of their time abroad. There are so many other things to do when you travel overseas that it seems a waste of time to simply lie on a sunbed by the pool every day.

As a result, ‘experience filled holidays’ are becoming increasingly popular and they make a lot of sense. Mallorca offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a choice of over 200 beaches but why not also take time to do something completely different as well?

With this in mind, we decided to come up with a range of wine related experiences for those that want to know what else Mallorca has to offer as well as giving an insight into Mallorcan and Spanish wines in various formats.

Mallorcan wine can be appreciated in so many exciting ways and these experiences are more likely to be lasting memories of your holiday than the round of cheap mojitos you drank by the pool.

Mallorcan wines have their own personality and style and even if you are not a big wine drinker it is still interesting to visit a winery on the island in order to appreciate the various wine making processes. The diversity of wineries on the island is immense too… 18th Century wineries, family run wineries, wineries owned by investment groups, wineries that are energy and ecologically efficient, experimental wineries, tiny wineries, vast wineries that are also agroturismos and wineries tucked away in the mountains that you may not even realize are there.

You can make a bodega visit even more extraordinary by booking a fly-in ‘Wine Me Experience’ with our partner company ‘Helimallorca’, who offer trusted helicopter services on the island. This experience will give you the opportunity to admire Mallorca from above, en route to one of our selected vineyards for an entirely different wine tasting experience. You can fly yourself, your loved one, your family or your friends and then enjoy a tapas picnic and wine tasting amongst the vineyards. For group events of up to 12 people we can treat your party to some fantastic wines from the island, a paella lunch and a 10 minute flight for everyone.

Now that is a flying memory to take home at the end of your holiday.

We also appreciate that many people come on holiday to relax and the thought of jumping into a car to go somewhere might not be top of your list. So, we also offer a range of wine tasting experiences designed to be enjoyed in your holiday villa or on your yacht. You can even book an experience that incorporates a wine pairing with a tasty paella made by Guillermo at Paella Lover.

That’s a lunch organized for you without you having to lift a finger!

Our wine tasting experiences are not just limited to people on holiday. They are also designed to be enjoyed by people who work and live on the island as well. A wine tasting experience could be booked because you have friends visiting the island and you want to introduce them to a selection of Mallorcan wines, or perhaps you are planning a celebration and you want to organize something a bit different, or maybe you want to arrange an incentive or work event for your team. Our wine tasting experiences can even be incorporated into part of a larger event.

So, if you are planning a visit to Mallorca soon, we recommend you break away from the stereo typical holiday format. If your daily routine is becoming a little dull, do something different to renew the vigour in your life. Allow an experience to become part of your life story. Our passion is wine and we’re continuously discovering new elements of the business in Mallorca and beyond and we’re ready to share our passion with you in any way we can.

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