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son juliana
Visit a Vineyard, Son Juliana


A Sustainable Winery with Views of the Majestic Tramuntana Mountains


Only 30 minutes away from Palma de Mallorca, close to Santa Eugènia and Biniali, lies the beautifully designed Son Juliana Winery.


Its unique feature is that it operates entirely on renewable energy, utilizing a combination of solar energy, wind power, passive ventilation, and geothermal systems.


The winery boasts a linear design that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.


There are three distinct wine-tasting areas: a spacious indoor room that opens up to the outdoors, a large ground-floor terrace with stunning views of the vineyards and landscape, and an upper-floor terrace that offers a breathtaking vista of the Tramuntana Mountains.


At Son Juliana, a team of skilled individuals with a strong passion and enthusiasm for their craft are employed to maintain the high quality of their wine collection.


The winemaker combines his knowledge of international grapes with the challenges of the local grape varieties. 


In the 7-hectare vineyard, you will find Chardonnay, Moscatel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the local grapes of Manto Negro, Callet, Prensal and Giro Ros.

You can read more about Son Juliana in our blog!

Visits to Bodega Son Juliana are carried out by appointment.  Whilst visiting the bodega you will also have the opportunity to purchase wine directly from their cellar.

If you wish to just visit their store, you can do so easily from Wednesday to Friday between 11 am to 6 pm.

Sunset at Son Juliana
Tasting wine with food at Son Juliana

If you're interested in visiting Son Juliana and sampling some of their finest wines, you can choose from two different wine tour packages: Pequeño and Grande.


Both options provide a guided tour of the vineyards, the winery itself and the public areas. You will also have the opportunity to explore the cellar and learn about the wine-making process from the winemaker.

The Pequeño tour includes a tasting of three wines, accompanied by bread and olives.


The Grande visit, on the other hand, includes several tapas dishes along with a tasting of some of their wine.


To get more information or to book your visit to Son Juliana, click on the link provided below.

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