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siete mil ciento tres petit celler



A Small Winery with a Big Purpose


Sebastià Ordines and Pep Cànaves, two talented agricultural engineers, founded 7103 Petit Celler in the heart of Santa María del Camí in 2013.


Their passion for winemaking is infectious, and they pride themselves on using local grape varietals to create unique wines that capture the essence of Mallorca.


The name itself, 7103, reflects the rural land measurement unit commonly used in the area in bygone times, thus preserving a piece of the island's history.


Despite being a relatively new winery, 7103 has a deep-rooted wine tradition, thanks to Sebastià's grandfather, who planted most of the vineyards that provide the grapes for their wines.

Sebastià Ordines and Pep Cànaves at 7103 Petit Celler
Mantonegro vines at 7103 Petit Celler


Sebastià and Pep have a relaxed and playful demeanor, but when it comes to their vines, their tone shifts to one of tenderness. "We treat our vines like our own children," they say.

Their most recent endeavour involved planting 3,500 vines of Giro Blanc, a local grape that has been reintroduced to the island. They use this grape variety to enhance the aroma and flavour of their Prensal wine, and they have created a 100% Giró Ros wine.

Due to their continued success, there was a space issue in the centre of Santa Maria, where their family-owned finca is located. To address this challenge, they expanded on land closer to the vineyards. This now enables them to offer more captivating experiences for their visitors.


You can read more about 7103 Petit Celler in our blog!

At 7103 Petit Celler, you can choose from a variety of visit options, each offering a unique experience. 

A couple of the tours offered include a leisurely stroll through the vineyards and around the Bodega. Throughout the tour, you'll gain insight into the winery's growth and development while learning about the two young men who founded it.


For more information about the experiences offered, and to book a visit, please click on the link below.


7103 Petit Celler Tasting Area
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