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A family winery located in the heart of the Serra Tramuntana


This is one of four wine production areas in the world classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

During the mid-19th century, the Moragues-Monlau family restored the buildings to their current state using limestone from the surrounding valley. Additionally, they planted vines between the river and the houses and produced wine exclusively for their personal consumption.

The Sampol-Massanet family took over the estate in 1981 and made significant changes to its production system. They focused on cultivating vines, orange trees, and olive trees, as well as raising sheep and hens. Furthermore, they restored the garden to its former glory.



The winery began its commercial life in 2006 and today the winery produces exceptional wines that are both of high quality and environmentally conscious.

Indigenous grape varieties (Prensal, Manto Negro and Gorgollassa), as well as international varieties (Viognier, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot), are used in the production of their wines.  The winery is also in the process of converting to organic production.

Their primary objective is to capture the essence of the Serra de Tramuntana 'terroir' in their wines. Through ongoing research on different varieties and climate conditions, they strive to achieve this goal.

Son Vich de Superna offers three different wine tour formats for you to book.

Visits are by prior appointment only and they are open Monday to Saturday. 


However, it is advisable to book your visit Monday to Thursday or Friday morning as there is an additional surcharge for bookings made on Friday afternoon and Saturday.

For further information about each tour option and to book online, click on the link below.

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