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Son Vich de Superna is a family winery located in the heart of the Serra Tramuntana, one of four wine production areas in the world classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

In the mid 19thC, the Moragues-Monlau family renovated the buildings to their present state. They are all built with limestone extracted from the surrounding valley.  This family also planted vines between the river and the houses, and made wine for their own consumption. 


In 1981 the Sampol-Massanet family purchased the estate and remodelled the production system, committing primarily to vines, orange trees, olive trees, sheep and hens.  They also returned the garden to its ancient splendour.

The winery began its commercial life in 2006 and today, the wines created here are of high quality and fully respect the natural environment.

Indigenous grape varieties (Prensal, Manto Negro and Gorgollassa) as well as international varieties (Viognier, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot) are uses in the production of their wines.  The winery is also in the process of converting to organic production.

One of their main goals is to obtain maximum expression of the Serra de Tramuntana 'terroir' in their wines, so they are constantly carrying our research on different varieties and climate conditions to achieve this objective.

Visit a Vineyard, Son Vich de Superna
Son Vich de Superna house and gardens


Son Vich de Superna offer the following wine tour formats for you to book:


This is a one hour visit that includes a visit to the wine celler and a wine tasting of a selection of their wines.

PRICE: 22€ per person

(Minimum and Maximum group size 8 - 30 pax)


This 2 hour tour includes a walk around the vineyards, a visit to the wine celler, and a wine tasting of a selection of their wines.

PRICE: 44€ per person

(Minimum and Maximum group size 6 - 20 pax)


This comprehensive 3 hour experience includes a welcome glass of wine on arrival, a walk around the vineyards, a visit to the wine celler, a barrel tasting, and a wine tasting of a selection of their wines paired with some food.

PRICE: 77.00€ per person

(Minimum and Maximum group size 4 - 12 pax)


  • Children under 18 years will be allowed only for the Tramuntana Experience and always accompanied by an adult who must be responsible for them.  They can enter free of charge.

  • The property reserves the right to refuse admission.

  • Friday afternoons and weekends incur an additional premium of 5€ per person.

Son Vich de Superna interior

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