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bodegas oliver moragues


Discovering the Family Estate of Oliver Morague


Located in the serene Algaida countryside, the Oliver Moragues estate boasts a rich history spanning five centuries.


The family winery was modernized and consolidated by Gabriel Oliver Ribas de Pina during the mid-20th century, and he also started bottling all of their wines.


The winemaking process includes hand-picked grapes from their vineyards, allowing only the finest bunches to be selected for production.


The winery supports biodynamic farming, and minimal intervention is used during the wine-making process.

Visit a Vineyard, Bodegas Oliver Moragues
Bodega lifestyle, Oliver Moragues


The vineyards are located 265 metres above sea level, offering a constant breeze and cooler temperatures, resulting in fresh wines with lower alcohol content.


The damp sea breeze referred to by locals as the 'embat', gives the wines balance, elegance, and a Mediterranean character.


Indigenous varietals, such as Giró Ross, Moll, Gorgollassa, Callet and Mantonegro, are grown in the vineyards to create unique and authentic wines.


A winery tour and tasting is the perfect way to experience the beauty and tradition of Oliver Moragues estate.


Visit Oliver Moragues today and indulge in a wonderful wine-tasting experience.


Choose from two options: mini tasting or full tasting, both of which include a guided tour of the house, vineyards, and winery.


The mini tasting comes with a couple of light bites, while the full tasting offers a selection of Mallorcan appetizers.

Please note that all tours and tastings are by reservation only, and visits are available from Tuesday to Saturday between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Click the link below to learn more about their visit options and to book through their website.

You can read more about Oliver Moragues in our blog!


A donkey amongst the vines at Bodegas Oliver Moragues
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