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Our Local Recommendations

After talking solely about LoDivino in one of our previous articles, we promised to recommend some other curious bars and restaurants to visit on the island, where you can enjoy a delightful glass or bottle of wine. We will focus on their wine lists rather than their food. This doesn’t mean we are only going to mention places that don't serve food. Quite the contrary, some of our local recommendations only serve the classic platters of cured meats and cheese, whilst others are at the vanguard of culinary expertise on the island.

So, our list starts with Bodega Can Rigo on Carrer Sant Feliu 16, in Palma. This is a very small bar with a few tables situated on two different levels, in a cute and quirky building.

Bodega Can Rigo, Palma de Mallorca

There is no kitchen as such, but they will serve you some delicious food if you are feeling peckish. They have a great selection of wines by the glass, much more than your average bar. You can choose from various categories of wine rather than just being offered a mediocre glass of house wine. If you are going for a bottle of wine you should ask Jaime for advice. He has some real treasures that are hidden from view and it is unbelievable how much wine he can store in such a small space!

13% Vinos Tapas Bistro, Palma de Mallorca

Also on Carrer Sant Feliu, but this time at number 13A, there is an interesting place called 13% Vinos Tapas Bistro. This characterful restaurant is managed by a very young and motivated team. All of their wines are on show and you can choose a bottle to drink in or take out (both prices are on view). Their selection is not shy. You can find some true classics as well as some hidden gems, and all of their selection is reasonably priced.

La Sang, Palma de Mallorca

Next up is La Sang on Carrer d'Antoni Frontera, 24, in Palma. This bar is dedicated to serving natural wines. Their selection includes wines from all over the world, without leaving mainland Spain or Mallorca behind. The enthusiastic, young owner is extremely motivated and his knowledge of wine is second to none. They have a very dynamic menu of wines by the glass, that changes frequently, and their prices per bottle are fair. If you want to discover small natural wine producers from around the world this is the place to visit.

On Plaça Del Banc de l'Olí 11, again in Palma, you will find GuStar. This restaurant is completely hidden away from the crowds, even though it is right next to one of the busiest plazas in Mallorca, Plaza Mayor. In this little oval square there are a few cafes and bars and GuStar is located on one of the corners. Fidel, one of the owners, has a small but impressive wine selection. He is driven by what he likes and not by how much the wine costs. The wines that are served by the glass also change regularly here. Take your time choosing a wine from the wall of options or let yourself be surprised by Fidel and his team. You will not regret it.

Another up and coming Plaza in Palma is Raimundo Clar. At number 11 you will find La Vieja de Jonay Hernandez. This is a restaurant (or Guachinche), that focuses on Canarian food, bringing a unique and modern twist to Canarian classics.

La Vieja de Jonay Hernandez, Palma de Mallorca

We have added La Vieja to this list because of their interesting wine selection from the Canary Islands. Canarian wines are hot right now, and not just because of their volcanic character. With lesser known grape varieties such as Listan Negro or Negramoll or the more renowned Malvasía grape, Canarian wines are worth experiencing, particularly if you’ve never tried them before. At La Vieja you can choose a wine by the glass or select one of the fantastic bottles from a small Canarian wine producer. These wines are a rare delight.

Clandestí, on Carrer de Guillem Massot 45, is building a strong reputation for their amazing food, but the wines also deserve a mention. Here, you can find some of the most trendy and sexy wines on the island. With a huge selection of wines and an amazing Champagne cellar, you won't get bored of the choice. If you decide to opt for the wine pairing with their tasting menu, you may be introduced to some fabulous surprises…high end ‘bubbles’, flavoursome reds or a natural wine jewel. And don’t miss out on their selection of dessert wines, they are to die for!!

Lastly, if you happen to visit the fresh food market in Alaró on a Saturday morning, go and take a break from your shopping at Sa Portassa Vins y Mes on Carrer de Can Xalet 10.

Sa Portassa, Alaró

Sa Portassa is a guest house run by a lovely Spanish couple. They only open the doors of their wine filled "garage" on market days but they have a very impressive collection of wines in this renovated old townhouse. The service is relaxed and there is a strong community feeling within. You can enjoy a wine at one of their tables or choose a wine to take home for your lunch with friends!

We hope you have enough time to visit most of these places when you are in Mallorca. We enjoy these particular bars and restaurants for their friendly service, the knowledge of the hosts, and the fact that they want to offer something a little more unique, as we do…


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