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Una bodega en la isla de Mallorca seguida de una cata de vinos

Marta Sánchez of ProntoPro very kindly took the time to write the following blog about us:

Published on 28 January 2020 by Marta Sánchez de ProntoPro

Iván González Gaínza was born in Tenerife in 1978, but in 2001 he left the Canary Islands to work abroad. Since then he has lived and worked in many places all over Europe. He created the company together with his partner. They are dedicated to the distribution of quality wines, from little-known wineries that make medium-high range wines. They also do home wine tastings and organise visits to wineries on the island of Mallorca. 

The idea came after they took over a popular wine bar in a well-known area of Palma. Their wine collection was very successful and they decided to continue it. There are two of them in the company: Lara, who deals with promotion, marketing, and design, and me, who does sales, advice, and delivery.

Iván says that wine is one of those things that perhaps people don't usually think much about, but once someone is interested in it, they are surprised every day and get hooked until they can't stop. He was motivated by many things to get involved in this field. On the one hand, the desire to learn, to know the different types of grapes, and different techniques, to taste and recognise good and bad wines, and on the other hand, he loves to teach others that the world of wine is enormous and that you have to be very open-minded to get involved and appreciate everything there is in it.

Lara and Iván at the Pollensa Wine Fair

What is the vision that guides you to distinguish this company? 

Our vision is clear, that's why we say the slogan: "Bringing Wine To You", we want that wherever people are in Mallorca, they drink good wine from a winery with history and with a product that surprises. We like to work with Sommeliers and wine lovers who have a curiosity that goes beyond. Also with people who want to have a sensory experience at home or in their office, which is usually a lot of fun for everyone. 

What part of your team is essential, and is there one element that should never be missing?

In this business what is essential is good humour, responsibility, and the ability to adapt and put yourself in the customer's shoes.

To make each person in this place feel comfortable with the wine they drink and to offer them variety. We always seek to have an effective and respectful interaction with each of our customers, always adapting to their requirements. On the other hand, the one thing that can never be missing in any place we go is a glass and a corkscrew!

Iván González Gaínza helping out at a harvest

Do you need to be a wine expert or have any level of knowledge to go on a wine tour or wine tasting?

Not at all. All you need are your senses and your opinions. To do a wine tasting well, you have to adapt to the level of your clients. A wine tasting is a method to explain the aromas and flavours of wines. Basically what a person needs is a clear perception of tastes and smells.

Gradually, one learns to know its origin, composition, and its profile, the aim being to come into intimate contact with the product one is tasting. As the palate is formed, the degree of pleasure produced by the wine tasted becomes clearer, which is quite difficult to describe in simple words.

Do all wines improve with age?

What makes a wine survive the passage of time and improve in taste?

Some do and some don't. As a general rule, when it comes to Crianza reds, it is advisable to allow several years to pass before opening the bottle. As for young reds, whites, and rosés, the amount of time is reduced, but there is no need to become obsessed, it is all a question of tasting and learning.

Wine improves its taste by a sum of factors: acidity, tannin, micro-oxygenation, residual sugar levels, and many other parameters. There is also the human factor. Not everyone likes the same wine.

Iván González Gaínza tasting the wines of Esteban Celemín

A food and wine pairing experience

If you are interested in buying quality wines from Mallorca or lesser-known wineries throughout Spain, Iván González Gaínza offers that chance to tempt your taste buds with a food and wine pairing experience. He offers all the options for those who wish to develop their wine knowledge from the comfort of their home, holiday villa, or yacht. Or if a client wants to incorporate a wine tasting into a particular event, it also has all the best ways to cater to this requirement. Iván González Gaínza invites you to join his wine club so that his clients can find out about new suppliers, as well as events, courses, and experiences that are planned, and best of all, he will keep them informed of any new wines in his collection.

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