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An exciting new collaboration with Magna Vides

Magna Vides is a winery with a difference.

Andrea Sanz and Pablo Arranz, the founders of Magna Vides

Located in Ribera del Duero, Magna Vides is  paving the way for the future by applying lessons learned from the past. Nestled amid organic vineyards, the winery offers an impressive eco-friendly approach to its work.

The Magna Vides winery is all about doing what you love with those you love, and its founders, Pablo Arranz and Andrea Sanz, have been working to bring this vision to life since 2005.

Their vineyards are home to old vines, which have been tended with care and respect for generations. The result is a selection of wines that are agile, lively, real, and authentic. 

The winery's approach is all about respecting the land and the fruit that comes from it, and they take great care to ensure that their work is in harmony with the environment.

As you walk through the vineyard, you'll be struck by the beauty of the landscape. In autumn, the vineyard is a living painting, with a riot of colours reflecting the many grape varieties that have been planted over the years. 

The most important of these is the Tinto Fino, or Tempranillo, which is unique to the region. Other interesting and acclimatized varieties are Albillo Mayor, Bobal, Garnacha Blanca, Garnacha Tintorera, Garnacha común, Pirulesa, Alarije, and at least three other mysterious varieties that have yet to be identified.

To begin with, we have brought two of their wines to Mallorca:

VERA VIDES 2022 - A Look at Viticulture

Front and side profile of a bottle of Vera Vides, Ribera del Duero red wine from Magna Vides


VINTAGE: 2022 

GRAPES: 75% Tempranillo, 10% Bobal, 10% Albillo, 5% Garnacha

AGE OF THE VINES: Tempranillo 10-30 years, others 80-100 years

D.O.: Ribera del Duero

ALCOHOL: 12.5% 

AGEING: 11 months in stainless steel & 500 litre used French oak barrels, 50% in each 

FORMAT: Burgundy Bottle 75cl

PRICE: €14.90 PVP

The founders, Andrea and Pablo, understand that the vineyard plays a defining role in the wine that is produced. For this reason, they have replicated the ancestral planting model in their new plantations. By cloning old and autochthonous plant material, they ensure that it prevails over time. They also mix other varieties such as Bobal, Garnacha, and Albillo with Tempranillo. All of their vineyards are organically and biodynamically farmed.

The winery is situated in La Aguilera, and the grapes are sourced from different plots in the area. The vineyards are at an altitude of 850 metres, and the main soils are conglomerate, with secondary soils of oak. The vines are in goblet format, and the Tempranillo vines range from 10 to 30 years old, while the other varieties are 80 to 100 years old.

The grapes are harvested early to ensure the freshness of the fruit. To achieve greater aromatic richness, Tempranillo is co-fermented with Bobal, Garnacha, and Albillo, using indigenous yeasts. They carry out a gentle maceration at medium temperature, then mature the wine in used barrels. The wine is sulphited and filtered gently before bottling. The wine is aged for 11 months in stainless steel tanks and 500-litre used French oak barrels, with 50% in each. 


Vera Vides 2022 is a medium-high robe with a beautiful purple colour. On the nose, black and red fruits are evident, with a fun and jovial feel. On the palate, the wine is refreshing, full-bodied, tasty, and balanced.

MAGNA VIDES 2020 - Creating Memorable Occasions

A front and side profile of a bottle of Magna Vides Ribera del Duero red wine


VINTAGE: 2022 

GRAPES: 90% Tempranillo, 10% Albillo Mayor

AGE OF THE VINES: 90-110 years

D.O.: Ribera del Duero


AGEING: 16 months in 500 litre new and used French oak barrels, 10% new and 90% used 

FORMAT: Burgundy Bottle 75cl

PRICE: €32.00 PVP

Magna Vides is more than just a product; it's a bridge that connects the material, intellectual, and emotional. Andrea and Pablo, the masterminds behind this remarkable wine, are dedicated to crafting grapes that reflect the very best of viticulture and oenology.

Their mission is to share this passion with others, which is why Magna Vides is more than just a bottle of wine; it's an experience - one to enjoy while creating unforgettable moments.

The old vines used to make Magna Vides are treated with the utmost respect, as Andrea and Pablo recognize them as a heritage treasure of the region. They are committed to preserving them for their use and for future generations.

Magna Vides is made from unique centenary vineyards located in prime terroir in Ribera del Duero. These vines are nurtured with the utmost care and respect, in an ecological and biodynamic way.

The grapes are harvested based on their flavour in the field. Each plot is fermented separately, with the utmost care, to maintain its unique personality. Indigenous yeasts are used, and a gentle maceration is performed at medium temperature. It is then aged for approximately 14 to 16 months in mainly used barrels before being bottled.


Magna Vides has a medium-high robe with a cherry red colour. It has a complex and deep aroma, with notes of blue flowers, mountain scents, and black fruits such as blackcurrant. In the mouth, it is intense, exuberant, and balanced, with a unique and interesting flavour that embodies the terroir.

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