An aged white wine with sweet, delicate aromas reminiscent of well-ripened and toasted fruits, made exclusively using the Giró Ros varietal.

A golden yellow colour, that is also clean and bright.  This wine has aromas of yellow fruit such as peaches, as well as hints of pastries and subtle toasts from the aging in wood.  In the mouth, it has a sweet entry that leads on to a voluminous, long and lively passage through the mouth, leaving recollections of the toasted notes of the wood.

Enjoy this wine with a good meal of white fish and rice or white meat.

7103 Petit Celler 40 Braces Blanc


    VINTAGE - 2019

    D.O.- Vi De La Terra De Mallorca

    GRAPE - 100% Giró Ros

    ALCOHOL - 15%

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