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Verónica Ortega's latest creation, Tormenta, is a white wine crafted in Bierzo with small-grained Godello grapes.


The grapes are harvested from a 0.8-hectare vineyard in San Juan de la Mata, located in the northern part of the Bierzo region.  This 20-year-old vineyard is the oldest clone of Godello, with smaller grape berries, low plant vigour and a South-West orientation.


The calcareous clay soil gives Tormenta its unique character, resulting in a Godello with a sharp and mineral profile.


The grapes are meticulously processed.  They undergo destemming before a light overnight skin maceration, and gentle racking.  The wine is fermented spontaneously and aged for 13 months. Tormenta is aged in 800L amphorae, and 600L, 500L and 225L French oak barrels before bottling.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Aromas: Tormenta is a serious, elegant and well-balanced Godello that artfully blends subtle notes of green tea, chamomile flower, lime blossom and citrus fruit flavors. 
  • Palate: Its fresh and vertical palate is marked by minerality and precise salinity which enhances the wine's vibrant energy in the mouth.

Verónica Ortega Tormenta 2022

  • VINTAGE - 2022

    D.O. - Bierzo

    GRAPE - 100% small grain Godello

    ALCOHOL - 12%

    PRODUCTION: 6,100 bottles

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