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The name of this winery comes from a time when the aborigines called the island of Lanzarote Titerok-Akaet, which means "red mountain"/"the one that burns", alluding to Timanfaya Park. 

Valle de Malpaso originates from a blend of grape varieties from the Valle de Malpaso vineyard, which inspired its name.


The white wine is crafted using Malvasía Volcánica, Listán Blanco, and Diego grapes grown using organic farming methods. The Valle del Malpaso vineyard features deep soil on a steep slope, while maintaining its soil composition. Its proximity to the Riscos de Famara contributes to a cooler microclimate compared to the rest of the island. Located in the municipality of Haría, the vineyard is over eighty years old and sits approximately 400 metres above sea level.


The grapes were handpicked in July, placed in 10-15kg boxes, and underwent on-field selection.

The grape varieties were fermented together, starting with cold pre-fermentation maceration, followed by destemming and crushing. The must was then cold-stabilized overnight before undergoing alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures.


The wine has matured for 10 months on its lees in a white ceramic sphere with weekly bâtonnage, as well as in stainless steel tanks. Bottling occurred the following May.  After ageing in the bottle, the wine was sealed, labelled, and introduced to the market in June.


Production: 3900 bottles.



  • Appearance: A radiant golden hue.
  • Aromas: Vibrant and pure aromas of floral notes of lavender, hints of aniseed, fennel and stone fruits.
  • Palate: This wine leaves a refreshing sensation in the mouth, with a prominent salinity and acidity.

Titerok-Akaet Valle del Malpaso

  • VINTAGE - 2023

    D.O. - Lanzarote

    GRAPES - Malvasía Volcánica, Listán Blanco & Diego

    ALCOHOL - 13%

    PRODUCTION: 3900 Bottles

    BOTTLE - 75cl


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