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Selva Vins represents the personal endeavour of experienced Mallorcan winemaker Carlos Rodríguez Furthmann. Situated in the Sierra Norte of Mallorca, this small winery employs highly artisanal winemaking techniques, focusing on minimal manipulation of the wines and highlighting native grape varieties.


As a pioneering winery in the region, Selva Vins was the first to - create an island ancestral (pet-nat), produce a clarete, use chestnut barrels, and create wines using mono-varietals of native grapes with spontaneous fermentation.

These innovations were groundbreaking in their local context.


GN Castaño is crafted from an indigenous grape variety sourced from an environmentally sustainable vineyard, verified by an official certificate. The winemaking process involves spontaneous fermentation, followed by a 6-month maturation period in recycled 300-litre chestnut barrels. Only a small amount of sulfur dioxide is added to the wine, which is then bottled without clarification or filtration.


For a delightful comparison, why not explore GN Castaño alongside its counterpart, the GN 2021, to appreciate both their similarities and distinctions.


Production: 600 bottles

Selva Vins GN Castaño

  • VINTAGE - 2021

    NO D.O. - Vino de España

    GRAPE - 100% Local Grape Variety

    ALCOHOL - 12.5%

    BOTTLE - 75cl


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