Selva Vins is the personal project of veteran Mallorcan winemaker Carlos Rodriguez Furthmann.  His small winery is located in the Sierra Norte region of Mallorca.  His artisan wines are created using minimum manipulation.  He also prioritises the use of indigenous grape varieties. 


Mallorcan native grapes are used to create this Clarete wine.  It is made according to the classic and traditional method, with 80% white must (Premsal) and 20% red grapes with their skins (Mantonegro).  This is the first Clarete to be created using indigenous grapes from Mallorca.  The Premsal grapes come from a vineyard in Felanitx, with vines of about 12 years old.  


The wine making process involves spontaneous fermentation.  Nothing is added to the wine apart from a small amount of sulphites.   The wine is not clarifed or filtered.


Production 1000 bottles.




Selva Vins Clarete

  • VINTAGE - 2017

    Vino de España

    GRAPE - 80% Premsal, 20% Mantonegro

    ALCOHOL - 13%

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