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S Vins is the personal venture of experienced Mallorcan winemaker Carlos Rodríguez Furthmann. Situated in the Sierra Norte Mallorquina, this small winery focuses on artisanal winemaking techniques, emphasizing minimal manipulation of the wines and showcasing indigenous grape varieties.


In 2021, Hada Furthmann, one of Carlos’ daughters, embarked on her winemaking journey after completing her studies and assisting Carlos in the winery for many years. The winery prides itself on handcrafted processes and sourcing grapes from eco-friendly vineyards.


Escurshada, a natural red wine, is crafted from the native Escursac grape variety. The grapes are harvested early from environmentally sustainable vineyards with official certification. Following destemming, they undergo fermentation with their natural yeasts in Mallorcan clay amphorae. This wine is free from additives and added sulfites, remaining unclarified and unfiltered.


Production: 400 Bottles

S Vins / Hada Furthmann Escurshada

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  • VINTAGE - 2023

    Vino de España

    GRAPE - 100% Escursac

    ALCOHOL - 11%

    BOTTLE - 75cl


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