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Raor is a Brut Nature sparkling wine from the Pla i Llevant D.O.


It is a delicious blend of 60% Parellada and 40% Chardonnay grapes that are harvested at their optimal ripeness. After a light pressing to extract the flower must, the wine undergoes controlled fermentation at a regulated temperature.


The Traditional Method of production is strictly followed, which includes a second fermentation in the bottle.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Appearance: A sparkling wine with a pale yellow hue and greenish undertones, with a fine and persistent bubble.
  • Palate: On the palate, it is light and has a delicate aftertaste, with a fruity and well-structured character that doesn't compromise its lightness.

Raor Brut Nature

  • SPARKLING STYLE - Brut Nature Méthode Champenoise

    D.O. - Pla i Llevant

    GRAPES - 60% Parellada, 40% Chardonnay

    ALCOHOL - 12%

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