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Miguel Castro Maillo's Estático is a unique dry white wine aged with crianza, with a blend of 95% Pedro Ximénez and 5% other minority autochthonous varieties.


The grapes grow in the region of Vereda del Cerro Macho, located in the areas of Río Frío Alto and Benavente Alto, in the Sierra de Montilla. This region is historically well-known for its premium quality.


The vines in this region are goblet trained and between 40 and 80 years old. Due to the age of the vines, the average yield is 5000 kg/ha.


The soil is albariza, a calcareous loam that retains humidity and easily transfers it to the plant, making viticulture possible in an extreme climate.


The wine is carefully crafted by selecting only the must from the last days of harvest from each plot, allowing for an extra point of maturity. The wine is then aged for 24 months to develop its unique flavour profile, and bottled for a minimum of 5 months before distribution.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Appearance: Pale yellow with golden hues.
  • Aromas: Intense and complex ripe fruit aromas with a citrus and iodine background. Notes of chalk, white fruit, and aniseed are also present.
  • Palate: A fresh, vertical, and highly mineral white wine with a long and sapid finish. The biological ageing process stands out with a lot of depth and saline notes.
  • Serving Temperature: 9-10º C.


Miguel has produced a limited run of 400 bottles and 50 magnums of this exceptional wine.

Miguel Castro Maillo Estático

  • VINTAGE - 2020

    D.O. - No D.O. Product of Spain

    GRAPES - 95% Pedro Ximénez, 5% other indigenous varieties

    ALCOHOL - 13.6%

    BOTTLE - 75cl


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