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Eva and Luis, at Maisulan, have created a new Txabola red wine, using the Mazuela (Carignan) grape variety.

The Los Lanos vineyard in Elvillar, Rioja Alavesa, sits at an altitude of 525 metres. It's home to a quaint Txabola that dates back centuries, suggesting a long history of vine cultivation in the area.


This southeast-facing, one-hectare vineyard comprises 15-year-old trellised vines planted with the Mazuela variety, thriving in the poor calcareous clay soil with low water retention. The vineyard produces a modest 3,000 kg per hectare, which allows for optimal ripening processes.


Eva and Luis were captivated by its potential from the very beginning. In 2019, they created a 225-litre barrel of wine using the grapes, which resulted in a delightful product. The following year, they were even more pleased with the result, making seven barrels of wine using all of the grapes.


After hand-harvesting and sorting, the grapes were placed in stainless steel tanks for gentle pumping daily over the first 22 days of fermentation. Eva and Luis allowed the wine to do its thing without interference, including temperature control. The wine was then transferred to 225 and 500-litre barrels of one wine for malolactic fermentation, taking place the following summer with the increase in temperatures and without any intervention. The wine was not touched during this time. It was bottled after a gentle filtering in February 2022.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Appearance: This wine is a dense purple colour, with a purple rim.
  • Aromas: The dark fruit notes (cassis, elderberries, blackberries and mulberries) of the Mazuela grape variety merge with roasted coffee, cocoa beans, dark chocolate, and grated coconut. Mediterranean herbs such as juniper, rosemary, and sage add to the wine's aroma, while black and green pepper provide a touch of spice. 
  • Palate: The wine is initially juicy and lean, with gentle tannins and a lively acidity. The dark fruit notes of elderberries and blackberries dominate the flavour profile, with a hint of spice in the aftertaste. 
  • Serving Temperature: 18ºC
  • Pairing: Try pairing it with hearty casseroles, game, and lamb dishes.  

Maisulan Txabola Mazuela


    VINTAGE - 2020

    D.O. - Rioja Alavesa

    GRAPES - 100% Mazuela (Carignan)

    ALCOHOL - 14%

    BOTTLE - 75cl


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