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Nestled between the towns of Inca and Llubí, you'll find Los Dos Caballeros, a picturesque estate where the grapes are harvested by hand from a small plot.


To maintain grape health, yields are intentionally kept low, and no pesticides or chemicals are used in the production of their wines.


Los Dos Caballeros Grumpy is a light and fresh summer red wine. Its vibrant red colour hints at the lively flavours that await your palate. The cherry notes add a delightful sweetness, while the subtle hint of liquorice provides a unique depth to each sip.


The winemakers behind Los Dos Caballeros Grumpy have perfected the art of crafting a wine that embodies the essence of summer. When served slightly chilled, this refreshing red wine becomes the perfect companion for warm evenings and sunny afternoons.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Aromas & Palate: A light, fresh summer red wine, with notes of cherry and liquorice.


Los Dos Caballeros Grumpy

We will contact you privately with an approximate delivery date of the new vintage.

    VINTAGE - 2023

    D.O. - 

    GRAPES - 100% Grenache

    ALCOHOL - 12%

    PRODUCTION - 300 Bottles

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