The Loher project is based on adding new techniques to family traditions without losing the essence of their craftsmanship, as well as producing wines that represent the grape varieties and the area where they come from.  Loher produce 7 different wines, 4 reds and 3 whites.

This wine has a medium-high intensity garnet red colour.  Toasted and vanilla notes can be recalled on the nose, as well as the typical aromas of aging in French oak barrels and the mineral notes from the soil where this wine was born.  A well structured wine with a high acidity, leaving recollections of ripe fruits, saline and mineral notes.  This wine has an elegant, velvety and persistent finish.

Loher Crianza

  • VINTAGE - 2015

    D.O. - Tacoronte - Acentejo

    GRAPE - Listán Negro, Negramol, Syrah

    ALCOHOL - 14%

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