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Ostoki, in Basque, means place of leaves.  Leaves that fall from the oak trees during the Autumn months.  Ostoki has a unique and genuine wine heritage and is vinified without additives of any kind.  It is not clarified or filtered and it has a minimum dose of sulphur to allow for the conservation of the wine.  It is bottled directly from the barrel and labelled and sealed by hand.  This is a pure wine without any 'make-up'.


Ostoki is a barrel-aged red wine from LMT Wines.  It is made using 100% Garnatxa grapes that come from an old vineyard on Mount Ezkaba in Iruña / Pamplona.  It has been aged for 7 months in 300-litre used Navarrese oak barrels.


Here's a taste of what you can epxect from this wine:

  • Appearance & Aromas: This is a bright coloured red wine with aromas of herbs, berries and flowers. 
  • Palate: To taste, this wine has cherry and violet notes, that are typical of the Garnatxa variety.  In the mouth, there is a certain rusticity to it that gives it a character similar to the way wines were undoubtedly made, 100 years ago, on the very same hillside.  This is a fresh and elegant wine to enjoy.

LMT Wines Ostoki

  • VINTAGE - 2021

    D.O. - No D.O.

    GRAPE - 100% Garnacha

    ALCOHOL - 15%

    BOTTLE - 75cl


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