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Faniel & Fils is a vineyard located in Cormoyeux, a village on the Champagne Tourist Route in the Marne area. The village's hills provide a natural amphitheatre with views of the Marne river, making it a peaceful place for viticulture.


Faniel & Fils benefits from a south-facing vineyard, optimal for grape maturation in clay and chalk soil. The family works to produce the healthiest and best quality grapes in harmony with nature, using techniques that reduce the impact of man, such as cover planting instead of herbicide treatment and tillage. The goal is to develop a viticulture that is preventive and respectful of the environment.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from Faniel & Fils Agapane Extra Brut:

  • Appearance: A pale yellow colour with a generous strip of foam.
  • Aromas: The initial aroma introduces a delightful maturity with an array of dried fruit notes. As you savour the aromas further, hints of honey and candied fruit become more prominent.
  • Palate: When sipping this champagne, you'll experience a smooth and silky onset that leads to hints of candied fruits, with a touch of mirabelle in the background.
  • Pairing: A great appetizer that pairs well with winegrower salad, cold buffets, rabbit terrine, chaource, and brie de Meaux.  A delicious meal with this champagne is roasted scallops, with white butter and butternut puree.

Faniel & Fils Agapane Champagne


    REGION - Marne, France

    GRAPE - Pinot Meunier & Pinot Noir

    ALCOHOL - 12%