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The grapes for A Horquilla come from a single plot, located on a classic river terrace next to the Duero River, where there is deep clay and surface sand.  It is a vineyard that shows the history of the region of Toro, when the farming families planted 'their albillera', to have grapes at the end of July, as well as some peach trees, cherry trees, plum trees and almond trees.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Palate: Esteban Celemín's A Horquilla has tension and depth on the palate.  The rich clay soil gives the wine structure and volume whilst the surface sand provides a fine quality and length in the mouth.

Esteban Celemín A Horquilla

  • VINTAGE - 2021

    D.O. - Vino de España

    GRAPE - 100% Albillo Real

    ALCOHOL - 14%

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