A new red wine from Dunord Viticola!


This wine has been aged in French oak barrels and uses 80% of a local grape varietal (Gorgollassa) and 20% Syrah.


This wine has a youthful cherry red colour.  It is very glyceric, clean and bright.  The quality of the tears on the glass indicate that this wine will develop further over time.


The primary aromas are a concentration of black fruit, blackberry bushes, iron, stone, smokiness and balsamic notes.  After swirling the glass, the notes of black fruit are still there, along with red plums, touches of cedar, cinnamon and pepper.  After a while, aromas of carob emerge, with a touch of citrus (orange peel) and a hint of floral notes.


To taste, this red wine is vibrant.  There is a black fruit aftertaste, hints of cedar and a balsamic finish.  The flavours stay in the mouth for a long time and the wine leaves a dry and pleasant finish.  The tannins are subtle due to the young age of the wine.












Dunord Viticola Curolla

  • VINTAGE - 2019

    D.O. - Vi de la Terra Mallorca

    GRAPES - 80% Gorgollassa & 20% Syrah

    ALCOHOL - 13%

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