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This very special white wine from Can Vidalet would make a superb gift for a lover of Mallorcan wines.


The Barros de Cecili Submarino is 100% Prensal Blanc, a local grape variety, and the amphorae have been submerged underwater for 9 months (in the Mediterranean sea).


This is a limited edition bottle as only 300 have been made.  The individual 750ml amphorae are also packaged in wooden boxes, making it the perfect gift.


Initially, the grapes are fermented and macerated with their skins for 3 months, followed by an additional 8 months without the skins, inside a 1000 litre clay amphora.  Finally, the wine is placed in 750ml amphorae which are submerged underwater for 9 months.  The wine is unfiltered and made with minimum intervention. 


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Appearance: This prensal wine has a light yellow colour with green reflections and slight cloudiness. 
  • Aromas: The aromas are complex - minerality, iodine, chalkiness, sea mist, fossils, wild herbs such as fennel and lemon balm, orange blossom, grapefruit peel, as well as other aromas linked to the underwater maturation.
  • Palate: To taste, this wine is delicate but also vibrant.  It has great structure, an elegant citrus flavour and integrated herbal touches. 
  • Pairing: This is a special wine for special moments and can be paired with fish dishes, seafood soups, and rice dishes.

Can Vidalet Barros de Cecili Submarino

  • VINTAGE - 2019

    D.O. - Product of Spain

    GRAPES - 100% Prensal Blanc

    ALCOHOL - 12.5%

    AMPHORA - 75cl


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