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Stratum Wines is a project from Bodega Cerrón in Jumilla, steered by the fourth generation of the Cerdán family: siblings Carlos, Juanjo and Lucía.


Bodega Cerrón / Stratum Wines Matas Altas Blanco is a captivating wood-aged white wine. This biodynamic and organic wine is created with the varieties Macabeo (60%), Airén (30%), and 10% of other white varieties (Tortosí, Malvasía, or Pardilla). 


Located in Fuente-Álamo municipality in the southeast of Albacete, the brothers cultivate 26 hectares of vineyards organically. Situated on calcareous soils with sand and marl, at an elevation of 840 to 900 metres above sea level, they tend to all the ungrafted vines in the Paraje de Fortaleza, the birthplace of Bodegas Cerrón Matas Altas Blanco. 


The grapes for this wine are hand-harvested and then carefully processed in the winery, where all the varieties are vinified together. Fermentation and ageing take place in large vats, around 5,000 litres in capacity.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Aromas: Matas Altas Blanco exudes scents of orange blossom and peaches, and the freshness of newly cut grass.
  • Palate: Its smooth flavour unfolds gracefully on the palate, offering a creamy texture that delights the senses.
  • Serving Temperature and Pairing: It is best served at 10ºC and pairs well with spicy dishes, seafood, soft cheese, white fish, and oily fish.

Bodega Cerrón / Stratum Wines, Matas Altas Blanco


    VINTAGE - 2022

    D.O. - Jumilla

    GRAPES - 60% Macabeo, 30% Airén, 10% other varieties

    ALCOHOL - 12.5%

    BOTTLE - 75cl


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