A young red wine showing the primary characters of red fruits of the Mantonegro variety.  In addition, this wine has mineral notes picked up from the vineyards, with soils rich in call vermell (ferric oxide).  Manual harvest and table selection, cluster by cluster, where the quality of the grapes are controlled.  This wine recalls aromas of wild red fruits and candies.  It has a depth of minerality and it is sweet and balanced, with a warm entry in the mouth.  Friendly, round tannins complement the wine.  The finish in the mouth is very pleasant.  Suitable with Mallorcan cuisine, rice and your first course.

7103 Petit Celler Negre Jove


    VINTAGE - 2019

    D.O. - Vi De La Terra De Mallorca

    GRAPE - 100% Mantonegro

    ALCOHOL - 14.5%


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