siete mil ciento tres petit celler


7103 Petit Celler is a small winery located in the centre of Santa María del Camí, and Sebastià Ordines and Pep Cànaves are the two agricultural engineers who created it in 2013.

They are very talented, young winemakers with an infectious energy and a huge amount of passion for what they do.  In the few years since they created 7103 they have established their own identity with a soul purpose: the use of local grape varietals in their wines.

Even their brand name, 7103, is deeply rooted to the island of Mallorca.  This number represents the area unit commonly used in the rural land in bygone times and so that it doesn't get forgotten, they have adopted it into their brand name.

Although 7103 is a relatively new winery, it still has a deeply rooted wine tradition thanks to Sebastià's grandfather who sowed most of the vineyards that now produce the grapes used to create their wines.


Sebastià and Pep are relaxed and cheeky, until they start talking about their vines.  Then they change their tone to tenderness, 'we take care of our vines as if they were our children.'

Recently they have planted 3,500 vines of Giro Blanc, a local grape that has been reintroduced onto the island.  They have planted this grape so that they can use it to add aroma and vibrancy to their Prensal wines.

Each year production continually increases (from 5000 bottles in 2013 to 20,000 in 2016).  The duo are already struggling with space problems in the centre of Santa Maria (part of a family owned finca) so they are now expanding on land closer to the vineyards in order to be able to offer more exciting experiences for visitors to the island.

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