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A hosted Virtual Wine Tasting Event is a fun way to connect with friends, family, fellow wine lovers or work colleagues.

Ivan will guide you through the event in a professional but relaxed manner.  He will talk about the wines that have been chosen, the stories connected to the wines, the flavours of the wines, and he will also give tips on how to taste.

We offer a choice of themes (see below) and our tastings are unique as the majority of the delicious wines in our catalogue come from small producers.  Flexibility is key so our final price is dependent on the chosen theme and the number of bottles requested for the tasting.


If you would prefer a customised virtual tasting we can also organise this for you.  Simply contact us via email to discuss your requirements.  For a customised virtual tasting, we will do our utmost to work within your budget.

Our virtual tasting packages include the cost of the wines, a flat rate hosting fee (20€ per hour) and delivery of the wines within Mallorca (free within Palma, otherwise 5€ per delivery outside Palma).

If you are based overseas and would like to book one of our virtual tastings, please contact us for a quote

Our availability and final price will take into account the cost and time taken to ship the wines to your destination.

our virtual tasting set themes

'Sorbitos en Pijama' cata de vinos virtual

 how it works

  • Decide who you would like to invite to the virtual tasting.  Will it just be one household or would you like to link with other households you know?  Each log in to the zoom tasting session counts as one household.

  • Choose a wine tasting theme or contact us to create a customised theme based on wine preferences and budget.

  • We will need the name and address details of each household joining the tasting so that we can deliver the wines, tasting notes and any other relevant products.

  • Decide on a mutually agreeable date and time for the virtual tasting so that we can book you in.  Please allow 5 to 7 days prior, in order for us to plan, confirm and deliver the wines for your virtual tasting.

  • Prior to the tasting date, we will deliver the wines to the relevant households anywhere in Mallorca.

  • On the day of the tasting, make sure you have your wines, your glasses, your tasting notes and anything else needed, log in to the zoom session...and off we go!

Get a Quote


Complete the form below so that we can confirm the final details with you.

A virtual tasting normally lasts between 1.5 - 2hrs.  We use 'Zoom' for the virtual tastings.

Our quoted price will include the hosting fee (20€ per hour), the cost of the wines chosen and delivery of the wines within Mallorca (free within Palma, otherwise 5€ per delivery outside Palma).

Thanks for submitting!

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