This sweet wine has a soft amber colour with light golden hues.  On the nose it is powerful, with complex, pleasant aromas.  Recollections of ripe fruit and fruit compote stand out.  The aroma of raisins and other dried fruit combine with a hint of white flowers and toasted notes, giving it a great deal of diversity.

In the mouth this wine is sweet, with a good balance between sweetness and acidity.  It is a full-bodied, unctuous and long wine.  The retronasal route is persistent and complex. 

This wine pairs well with foie-fatty starters and high-fat cheeses. It is also very suitable with nutty desserts and cakes.

Tomeu Isern Ambrassia

  • VINTAGE - 2015

    D.O. - Vi de la Terra Serra de Tramuntana - Costa Nord

    GRAPE - Malvasia

    ALCOHOL - 13%

    50cl Bottles

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