Melquíades is a Tinta de Toro wine, from 4 old vineyards located in 4 municipalities.  Each plot gives a uniqueness to the wine; Morales de Toro - the fine quality of the tannin, Valdefinjas - the fruitful exuberance, Toro - the structure, and Villafranca - the aromatic complexity.

Melquíades has great aromatic complexity due to the seasonal fruit.  In the mouth this wine is lush, glyceric and full of flavour.  Its fluidity and persistence of flavours gives character to the wine.

Esteban Celemín Melquíades

  • VINTAGE- 2017

    V.T. - Castilla y León

    GRAPE - 100% Tinta de Toro

    ALCOHOL - 16%

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