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El Palique de Reus is an earthy-coloured vermouth with hints of tile red. 


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this vermouth:

  • Aromas: The aromas of citrus, such as mandarin, orange peel and lime predominate but there are also notes of Mediterranean herbs.  This is a very fresh and balsamic vermouth. 
  • Palate: In the mouth, it is very tasty, with a well-balanced contrast between sweet and tart.  It also leaves a pleasant sensation in the mouth at the end.
  • Pairing: This is a great vermouth to enjoy with fresh anchovies, anchovies in vinegar, steamed cockles and toasts with smoked sardines.

El Palique de Reus Vermut

9,60 €Price
Out of Stock
  • D.O. - No D.O.

    GRAPE - Macabeo

    ALCOHOL - 15%

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