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The flagship red wine of El Hato y El Garabato, Sin Blanca is made from grapes from very old vines (between 80 and 120 years old).  It is a blend of local varieties found in the vineyard.  Juan García accounts for 80% of the blend, along with Bruñal, Tinta Jeromo, Bastardo, Rufete, Gajo Arroba, Doña Blanca, and Godello.


The grapes are crushed in 1000kg barrels (soft treading in whole clusters) to produce the wine.  The fermentation is spontaneous (i.e. no yeast is added) and the wine is macerated for 23 days with its skins.  As with all of their wines, Sin Blanca is neither clarified nor filtered.  There is only a small addition of sulphur (30mg/l).  Sin Blanca is aged for 11 months in barrels made of French oak.


Here's a taste of what you can expect from this wine:

  • Appearance: A clean, bright red wine whose colour is a deep plum with a ruby rim.
  • Aromas: The aromas recall juicy fruits such as plums, cherries and fruits of the forest.  It has a very marked mineral character from the granitic sand and slate soils from which it originates.
  • Palate: A fresh and fruity wine that is long in the mouth, with an earthy and herbal touch.

El Hato y El Garabato Sin Blanca

  • VINTAGE - 2018

    D.O. - Arribes

    GRAPES - A blend of Juan García, Bruñal, Tinta Jeromo, Bastardo, Rufete, Gajo Arroba, Doña Blanca and Godello.

    ALCOHOL - 12%

    PRODUCTION: 7000 Bottles

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